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Lord Beaconsfield


The meteor Beaconsfield has pass’d away:

No Burke or Chatham, Gladstone, Peel, or Pitt

No shining star, to guide a nation’s way:

But glitt’ring statesman, novelist and wit.


24th April 1881 T.E.M.


Thomas Erskine May: Lord Beaconsfield, Parliamentary Archives, ERM/18/17.

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An Enemy’s Epitaph on Mr Gladstone

Here lies William Ewart Gladstone:
He could talk an old toad out from under a flagstone.
He sided with all: but in time overthrew
The Tories & Whigs, and the Radicals too.
“Ho! Ho!” quoth the devil “Why who is come down?
“It’s Gladstone of London (my own little Town)
Why, Billy, my work you’ve been doing so well,
I am sorry to see you so soon come to Hell!”

Thomas Erskine May: An Enemy’s Epitaph on Mr Gladstone, Parliamentary Archives, ERM/18/21.

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